Displays and models

Displays and models: cutting and engraving

To create 3D models, one of the principal techniques is the use of a piece of material. This is printed, cut and engraved, subject to the addition of grooves and then the parts are assembled. The entire process is fully-managed if all the tools used work together.

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If 3D object design from pieces of material is popular with designers, communication agencies and architects, it is because it is the most economic and often the most ecological solution: The possibilities are infinite thanks to the diversity of usable materials from simple cardboard to precious metals as well as wood and materials such as plastic or plexiglas for the smallest to the largest dimensions. This involves cutting, 2D or even 2.5D engraving. The equipment is more accessible because it does not require costly 5-axis machines or 3D printers and are not limited to just printed materials (often plastics and resins)

Your choice of solutions for:

laser cutting: nesting function for displays and models milling display and models: ls1000 pass through ergonomy display and models: materials for engraving and cutting

The design of shapes for cutting:

For individual models and large series, it is easy to design your 2D shapes, position them to save material (nesting) and plan a tool path as short as possible for accelerated productivity. Our CAD/CAM solutions support you at each of these stages and make use of tools integrated into particularly effective comprehensive solutions.

Engraving and cutting:

  • From the smallest to the largest cuts for large signage, our machines are able to engrave and cut all types of materials.
  • The cutting power of our lasers is suitable for cutting the thickest plexiglas plates with perfectly polished fields.
  • Thanks to ergonomic innovations such as the double Pass-through, your laser can be used to cut the largest sheets in width and in length.
  • The processing of small, medium and large series using the Matrix function is great for productivity.

Mastered materials and accessories:

When it comes to POS or models, the idea is to seduce. So it is essential to select the best materials and accessories for perfect finishes. Therefore, Gravotech manufactures and supplies standard or customized materials: colors from the RAL or Pantone® code, various finishes, thicknesses, single or multi-layers.
To help you with your creations, all the materials in our cutting materials catalog have been tested for suitability with LED UV printing.

Some application examples.

This list is not exhaustive; if you can't find what you're looking for here, contact us

Display: for sports Display & models: architecture cutting wood for model of plane display and cutting: create a nice trophy
Displays and advertising materials Architectural model Promotional object Trophies

Gravotech is the only company able to offer a comprehensive solution where all of its components are adapted and work in synergy with the others for improved productivity and user comfort.

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