Identification marking

Identification and coding

Identification is a key stage in the manufacturing process of any product. Permanent identification and direct coding of each component offers the traceability required from the workshop to the end user.

Serial number, your brand's logo, coding of various data in very compact spaces (barcodes, 2D DataMatrix™ codes and QR codes etc.): Gravotech guarantees an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for your production tool.

Marking after designing the part

Create an engraving or a marking

Gravotech offers professional CAD/CAM software specially adapted to 2D or 3D engraving.


Identification and coding during production

For batches, unique parts or large series, identification is essential for effectively monitoring and protecting products.

The direct marking of parts is the only way to provide the finished product with the ultimate protection but it is also useful during production: internal traceability, pairing of parts and sub-assemblies, manufacturing monitoring, improved quality control, etc:

Identify its products with a trademark Mark every parts and components Mark technical infos, norms... Inform users by marking
To affix your brand: Recognition of the finished product and its manufacturer To mark each part and sub-assembly during the manufacturing process To meet standards: clear identification of the product, its manufacturer and specifications etc. To inform the user: warnings, user advice and characteristics, etc.
Secure every piece: VIN marking, serial numbers Limiting losses and theft by anti-theft marking
To secure: serial or V.I.N. number (Vehicle Identification Number) To limit thefts and losses: ownership marks identification of tools, etc.

Product and maintenance monitoring

Tamper-proof marking is used to mark each part with key information. The benefits of this include:

Monitor product and trigger maintenance Identify faulty batches Tools marking Tracking each part with its Data MatrixTM code
Monitoring a product and automatically requesting maintenance Identifying defective batches and initiating product recalls Marking tools, property and equipment and optimising stocks Monitoring the part throughout its life cycle

4 direct and permanent identification technologies

Dot peen Mechanical engraving Scribing Laser

Specializing in marking and engraving, the Gravotech group is able to advise you on the identification and coding of your parts.

An applications laboratory equipped with all the necessary technology and machine configurations is made available to you for free. Our technical teams are able to perform tests on your parts in real conditions and advise you of the system best suited to your needs.

Application sectors:

All sectors require identification and coding. The main sectors are: automobile, aeronautic, agri-food, mechanical, motorbikes and motorcycles, electronics, cosmetics, the farming industry, electrics, weaponry, locks and keys etc.

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