Aerospace industry traceability

In sectors where safety is key, traceability must be optimal (military or civil aeronautics, weapon manufacturing, etc). Gravotech's solutions meet the strictest requirements to guarantee everyone's safety.

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datamatrix marking with dot peen

Permanent identification

  • For safe marking that doesn't wear off over time,
  • For tamper-proof marking impossible to falsify

For a solid result

Marking performed using Technifor solutions is known for its durability and resistance over time.

All our solutions are equipped with software facilitating the use of automatic traceability (recording of data marked and linking to your database) and Datamatrix ECC200 marking. This standard guarantees the redundant and precise reading of the data and information recorded.

aerospace part traceability marking

Unit traceability of all components meeting difficult challenges:

  • Global safety standards,
  • Compliance with critical elements used in the assembly of a general sub-assembly such as an aircraft reactor,
  • Final safety for users, consumers and investors in the market

With our secure software solutions:

  • UID code marking (Unique Identification Data)
  • Secure communication with client databases
  • Verification of the uniqueness of data received and marked
  • Non-alteration checks on information marked

aerospace part marking

Marking that respects the parts:

  • Without deterioration of its properties,
  • Without any secondary effects on lifespan

With adapted parameters:

  • No rupture start point on the part,
  • No start point or corrosion thanks to the athermal feature.

Technifor's electromagnetic or laser deep marking solutions can be adjusted very precisely.


Our clients in this market:
  • Aerospace  constructors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Component manufacturing factories
  • Maintenance centers for spare parts
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