Medical sector traceability

Medical industry traceability

We all need medical care at one time or another in our life through having; a consultation, surgical operation and a laboratory test. Gravotech offers solutions of an incomparable quality where safety and hygiene are fast rules for the well-being of patients.

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surgical instrument marking

Track all your medical devices in a hospital or health centre:

  • Internal traceability
  • Individual tracking of each instrument
  • Reading of a code at every stage of the sterilisation process
  • Reliability and durability of permanent marking

Management of your entire process:

  • Training for your hospital staff in operating the readers and the parts
  • Reading of permanent marking even after several hundred sterilisation cycles
  • Communication between Technifor software and your management software in the medical sector to track medical devices throughout their circuit of use

medical instrument traceability

Durably mark surgical instruments, implants, prostheses, etc

  • Without altering the material
  • Without health risks for the patient

Our innocuity guarantee:

  • Laser marking without depth to avoid the proliferation of microbes
  • Deep marking with no start point, rust or alteration
  • Personalized laser expertise to guarantee a part free from particles and dangerous chemical compounds

Technifor solutions are known for their productivity and perfect repeatability: your markings do not deteriorate over time

datamatrix marked medical instrument

Adopt current regulations

Since September 2015, UDI marking has been compulsory. This traceability system is effective provided that the data is quickly and easily readable for anyone in the medical sector without any specific training.

At the forefront of the most stringent requirements

All the Technifor software solutions are able to generate 1D and 2D codes which can be universal or specific such as GS1 or l’UDI.

In extreme cases where data is likely to be degraded, Datamatric ECC200 marking guarantees redundant reading of any pre-marked information.

Through its partnership with the ATH group which sells the whitereader, Gravotech offers a comprehensive and turnkey solution composed of a marking station and an integrated reading post.


Our clients in this market:
  • Analysis laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Health centres
  • Manufacturers of internal and external prostheses
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Manufacturers of class, 1, 2 and 3 medical devices
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