Mold design

Molds & tools

From the sale of tools to individuals to the design of molds for manufacturers, these companies manufacture parts individually or in a series. Gravotech supports them with the configuration of these machines, for testing their machines and the most suitable materials or even ensuring the excellent identification of tools.

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3Shaper 3D CAD modeling of molds

Decorating and personalizing molds

  • For small or large series
  • For affixing your logo or a bas relief decoration
  • For engraving compulsory or generic notes


With our 3D design software

Our Type3-caa solution from Type3 is perfectly suited to the design of 3D molds thanks to its automatic filling features and the unlimited shapes available.

The brand or product name can also be added when finishing the molds.


engraved dies for professional engravers

Engraving tools

  • Electrodes
  • Gilding
  • Stamping tools
  • Matrices and punches

With our software suites

For professional engravers, our TYPE EDIT solution from Type3 is recommended for the production of specific tools. 

Its publishing features for points, bas-reliefs and 3D textures and its assistants dedicated to gilding and embossing help you over come numerous constraints.

tools identification marking

Identifying tools

  • On production lines
  • On site
  • For small parts
  • For large parts
  • Maintenance services

With our manufacturing and machining machines

The IS range from Gravograph combines power, precision and repeatability.

Our range of solutions supports you with your tool traceability:

  • On a workbench
  • On a column
  • On the move with portable equipment


Our clients in this market:
  • Mold manufacturers (packaging, bottles, automobiles parts, plastic parts and electronic products, etc)
  • Manufacturers of specialized tools (electrodes, stamping and cutting tools, gilding, marking tools and punch-matrices, etc)
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