Wine case personalization

Wines & spirits

In the competitive wines and spirits market, the personalization of a glass or bottle allows the consumer to recognize a brand immediately which creates empathy. Our laser marking or scribe engraving machines are ideal for developing communication and offering easy customization.

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champagne flute engraved

Achieve an exceptional result on glass

Our laser solutions

Our turning cylinders are adapted to marking glasses or bottles. They are compatibles with Gravotech's laser or rotary machines and have been developed for this market to offer the most ergonomic solution possible.

wedding wine bottle engraved

Personalize a bottle

  • With a name
  • With a date
  • With a brand
  • With a plate, etc

Our creation software

Laserstyle™ from Gravograph manages the entire laser solution with its accessories.

To go the extra mile in graphic design, the Type3 software offers features dedicated to the 3D modelling of organic shapes.

champagne bottle engraving

Communicate about a brand and promote an event

  • In a shop
  • At a point of sale
  • At a festival
  • In a department store, etc

Our all-in-one engravers

Our range of Gravograph mechanical machines are transportable and quickly ready to use to create the event.

Gravotouch's tactile software (dedicated to personalization applications) is used to manage your machines easily with no risk of error.

Many wine and spirit brands use it to personalize their glasses, flutes, carafes, corkscrews and bottle-openers, etc.


Our clients in this market:
  • Bottle manufacturers
  • Alcohol and spirit manufacturers
  • Events companies
  • Retailers
  • Medium and large supermarkets
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Specialist shops and museums
  • Distilleries
  • Online shops (business gifts, etc.)
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