laser marking and engraving on metal

METAL: marking and engraving


If you manufacture, machine or assemble metal parts, how can they be identified, traced, personalised?
Laser technology offers an unrivalled combination of speed, flexibility and repeatability. Anything that can be printed can also be laser engraved: images, texts, numbers, logos, bitmaps, 1D and 2D codes etc.
This method is ideal for the most demanding industries in terms of quality, fast delivery and cost.

The multiple laser effects


  Laser thermal transfer

Thermal marking on the surface:

When the intensity of the heat emitted by the laser beam causes a reaction in the material without reaching melting point, the metal changes colour at the points of impact. The contrast is created very rapidly, without penetrating the material or altering its properties.

Highly resistant to corrosion, this method is particularly suitable for the medical and aerospace sectors and for use on metals such as titanium, stainless steel, steel, carbide.



Laser coat removal

Marking by layer ablation:

This is a method whereby a layer of coating is evaporated in order to reveal the colour of the layer underneath, without damaging it: anodised aluminium, painted surfaces etc. The contrast is created very rapidly and the result is clean and burr-free.

Ultra-fast, this method is highly suitable for the marking of nameplates.



Laser engraving


Upon reaching melting temperature, this method melts and evaporates the material. The depth and colour of the groove traced will vary according to the settings selected and the output of the laser machine.

Marking is direct and permanent, and resistant to wear. Very commonly used for the identification of high-volume parts in the automotive and mechanical industries, this process is also ideal for decorative engraving and the personalisation of objects.


Deep engraving Deep engraving:

The power and flexibility of the software associated with the laser machine allow 2.5D and 3D engraving of metal parts..

The Laserstyle software is capable of defining complex toolpaths:
- marking of moulds and tooling
- 3D engraving in jewellery, watchmaking etc.

The Lasertrace optimises deep marking by means of pre-calculated paths:
- deep marking prior to painting or other surface treatment

The laser beam sculpts the most complex details into the material. Being a contactless process, the part is subject to no stress or deformation.


Choosing the right laser machine

Different metals react in a different way to the same laser beam. The amount of light absorbed by the metal will depend not only on the wavelength used by the laser machine but also on a number of other factors:

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