Customized cutting

Custom Fabrication Services

At your request, we can produce a material according to your specifications (colors, thickness, finish and technical characteristics, etc), prepare adhesive, cut, drilled, beveled plates and labels all at once!
All these transformations are suitable for high-definition color printing for the reproduction of the most complex logos regardless of the quantity required.

Material manufacturing on request

At your request we can manufacture THE material to meet your specifications. We can combine colors from existing ranges, reproduce a color from an RAL or Pantone color reference, manufacture a material in a specific thickness, modify the finish on the material you have selected, choose a technical adhesive meeting specific requirements or very precise standards and print a logo respecting its graphics.

Imagine and combine Customized materials
rubicube engraving material colour chart
Combine the colors, thicknesses and finishes of existing materials Create your own material by giving us your specifications

Customized cutting and transformation service

When preparing your engraving media for you, our material transformation specialists help you to save precious time.
At your request, our team offers the following in our workshop: customized cutting, beveling, drilling, round and concave corners, folding, use of adhesive and magnets and creation of badges with fastenings, etc.

Transformation of materials Pre-cut labels
engravables materials pre-cut tags sheet
Creation of ready-to-engrave cut plates Our workshop prepares your labels according to your specifications

UV printing personalization service

Our customized cutting and transformation service has completed its offering with UV printing personalization. This can be performed at your request on pre-cut plates and labels.
Principally intended for indoor use, the printing provided is very popular for personalizing badges, gift plates and identification plates or small signs.

Object personalization Printing on an medium
personalised name badge print&cut coffee time display
Printing is an ideal marking method for obtaining several colors on the same medium (badges and labels, etc) Possibility of printing various media: plastics, anodized aluminium and brass, etc.
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