Emergency exit signage

Signage engraving

Our signage plates a designed to meet your guidance, directional, identification and marking needs. Very open to the creativity of your teams and clients, our media suit indoor and outdoor applications combining functionality and aesthetics.

Architectural signage

Attached to walls, hanging or even self-supporting signs, our materials have been specially designed to naturally integrate into public areas (hospitals, shopping centers and museums, etc). For general guidance, permissions, recommendations or prohibited actions concerning places, paths, permanent or temporary locations of people or objects, our modular signage is suitable for all design requirements (shapes, formats and colors, etc).

Our materials are suitable for a simple printed message or an engraved plate for the most demanding and sustainable needs. Our ranges of Gravoply™ and Gravoglas™ engraving materials are perfectly suited to these high-end requirements.

Directional signage Information signage Information signage
lift indoor signage desk name plate engraved indoor information signage
Example of the use of Gravoply™ 3C material for a directional sign Easel Flag door plate attached to the wall and made of Gravoply™

Various laws such as n°2005-102 of 11th February 2005 in France, the ADA in the United States (Americans With Disabilities Act) or the Disability Discrimination Act in Great Britain (DDA) of 1995 define the signage requirements for blind and partially-sighted people in public areas. Signage for blind and partially-sighted people requires the use of contrasted and tactile visuals.
Our relief engraving techniques associated with our ranges of Gravotac™ materials and our unique Braille writing in over 80 languages allows you easy access to the most stringent and sophisticated public and private contracts.

Tactile and Braille map Braille transcription Tactile and Braille directional signage
architectural signage map with Braille tags sheet engraved with picture and Braille ADA directional arrow sign
Map produced as a tactile and Braille sign using Gravotac™  Labels engraved with Braille transcription and use of stainless steel balls Directional pictogram using Gravotac™, contrast and relief and Braille transcription in the bottom left

Safety signage

High-security establishments are subject to the application of very strict standards and regulations. Sensitive sites such as nuclear power plants or military barracks as well as airports, stations, hospitals, schools, ministries and administrations and the headquarters of large companies, etc all require  sustainable marking and identification of places, objects and people as well as behavior.
The expertise acquired in these sectors allows us to advise you and offer you products fulfilling the most extreme conditions and the most specific requirements. The Gravofoil™ color panel allows you to identify fluids in industrial environments. Gravoply™ 3C is ideal for 3-colour safety panels. Gravostrat™ meets the following military specifications: ASTM D 709 ES-1, ES-2 and ES-3.

Industrial safety signage Nuclear safety signage Electrical safety signage
safety chemical label ecology biohazard sign electrical board safety signage
Identification of fluids in industrial environments using Gravofoil™ Nuclear waste identified using Flexilase™ An electrical installation panel with labels engraved and cut using Gravoply™
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