Mechanical engraving

Mechanical engraving

Mechanical engraving is a machining process that consists of 'hollowing-out' the material using a drill.

The essentials of mechanical engraving

The material is removed using cutting tools, "engraving drills" of varying shapes and sizes. This process is used to engrave characters, symbols or shapes. The drill follows the digital machine's machining toolpaths defined using CAD/CAM software (Computer-Assisted Design/Computer-Assisted Manufacturing).
Mechanical engraving offers numerous benefits such as; precision and repeatability. It is suitable for almost all materials (metals, alloys, wood, stone and plastics, etc).

Gravotech's mechanical engraving solutions

Mechanical engraving is used for both permanent engraving and artistic engraving. Effectiveness and creativity are synonymous with mechanical engraving. Therefore, Gravotech offers an extensive range of engraving solutions:

ring being engraved

Jewellery engraving using a small machine

serial tags engraving

Series of badges in a machine

large sign cutting

Large dimensional letters

unit engraving

Solution in a point of sale

Jewelry engraving solution M10 Jewel

Solution for easy integration into a workshop or commercial environment

Serial engraving large table IS7000

Large table solution

Gravotech's solutions meet the identification, information, communication, personalization and enhancement needs of various engraved items and media. They can be used to engrave finished products and tools (stamping tools, moulds, gilding iron and electrodes, etc). The benefits of these solutions are numerous and varied, including:

Application sectors:

From a precision instrument to industrial equipment

Gravotech works with engraving professionals and manufacturers requiring robustness and productivity as well as artisans who are less experienced in this field but are looking for added value. Jewellery, funeral, signage, armoury, multi-services, sports and trophies, souvenirs, high-tech products and advertising items, etc. The application sectors are numerous but there is a Gravotech solution to suit each of their needs.


Mechanical engraving is suitable for plastics, metals and other materials. The engraving settings (depth, tool and speed, etc) should be adapted to the object being engraved to achieve an aesthetically-successful final result.
Gravotech's solutions allow metal materials to be mechanically engraved: brass, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, coated metals and stainless steel, etc.
They can also be used to permanently engrave plastics: acrylic, plexiglas and ABS, etc, in addition to wood, glass, leather, paper and cardboard, etc.