Scribe marking

Scribe marking

Silent with aesthetic and robust results, scribing machines are used in all industrial operations, subject to noise level limitations:
- for marking large metal components (beams, rails, chassis and exhaust pipes etc.)
- for marking V.I.N. numbers (Vehicle Identification Numbers) on cars, motorbikes and heavyweight vehicles, etc.

What is the scribing technique (also called etching)?

The scribing machine uses a carbide or diamond tip to apply permanent marking directly to the material, from plastic to the hardest steels (up to 62HRC). Unlike dot peen, the tip doesn't vibrate but slides along the surface require; marking and tracing a continuous homogenous line.

The result is very clear and aesthetic. This process has the advantage of being very quiet so it is particularly used for marking hollow parts with high resonance, tubes, sheets and for engraving nameplates.

Gravotech's scribing solutions

identification scribing marking scribing marking for traceability VIN scribing marking
Identification Traceability V.I.N. marking

Our scribing machines combine effective electronics and software and guarantee faultless production:

Developed for heavy industrial applications, our systems are very mechanically robust and require very little maintenance.

Application sectors:

Automobile, motorbikes and motorcycles, farm machinery, public works, lorries and trailers, steel industry, construction, railway, oil and gas, etc.

VIN marking for identification 2D code and text marking deep marking scribing engraving on plastic
Chassis marking - VIN number                       Marking of codes, text and serial numbers, etc. Deep marking                                         Marking on plastic                                   
marking after painting marking before painting scribing on aluminium scribing on exhaust pipe
Steel marking after painting and anodisation etc. Legible marking after polishing, sanding and painting, etc.      Light marking on aluminium Marking on exhaust pipes


From the hardest steel sheets or most irregular surfaces to smoothest materials, our scribing machines respect the mechanical properties of each part and offer high-quality and extremely durable marking.

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