2D / 3D and bas-relief creation software

We offer innovative services to our clients and we develop unique software solutions to make things easier for our users.


CREATE using our 2D composition, modeling and 3D sculpture software (full 3D and bas reliefs):

Create with software ditigal innovations by Gravotech

Create in 2D and 3D

Whether you want to remove (engraving or cutting) or add material (3D printing), our software can manage all aspects of your project for you!

2D composition with texts, logos, photos or symbols, textures and bas-reliefs, modeling and sculpting of 3D shapes, the options offered by our solutions are comprehensive. #Gravostyle #TypeEdit

create laser matrix

Create faster

Whether you are working in "design-to-cost" mode or you need to produce a large number of creations quickly, the power of our software tools allows you to work with all these economic and productivity constraints. #Gravostyle #TypeEdit

create 3d renderings

Create with confidence

Creation is encouraged when we can see the outcome before production. Our solutions are "WYSIWYG"! Which is what you can see on your screen!

Working with real-time results is essential for making precise and clear decisions on your design or for convincing your clients. #3Design #3Shaper

create with tablet

Create unforgettable moments

Offer your clients the possibility to create.

Today personalization is accessible thanks to a wide range of solutions with the most emblematic of these being the "Dedicace" solution which can be used to reproduce hand-drawn designs. #Dedicace

What if I want to go to production now?