Connected software

From a simple PC connected to the Cloud to an automated production line connected to a data server. Communication between the company's production tools, inside and outside of the company, is now the key element of any working environment. Mastering new information and communication technologies, Gravotech connects the marking machine to your process in real time and meets the needs of a wide range of applications:

Recovering data, exchanging information rapidly, offering a range of services across the site (diagnostic, programming and file saving, etc), remote management of machines and automating tasks, etc.

On production lines

With total connectivity, the integrable machines can receive and send any data (ODBC, Excel, ASCII, etc), communicate with PLCs and display ongoing operations. Equipped with advanced communication tools (Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet), they easily interface with the most modern industrial networks.

connect with Gravotouch cloud connect - Lasertrace in production connect - diagnosis screen connect - automate dialog laser
Gravotouch – Cloud function Lasertrace – production mode Diagnostic screen Remote screen with control instructions
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