Technifor permanent marking solution

Technifor: permanent marking machines

Since 1981, Technifor's ability to offer very fast and very long-lasting marking has been recognized and appreciated by the largest industrial groups. Specializing in the identification and automatic traceability of industrial parts, Technifor offers a comprehensive range of technologies and a large international organization to meet your needs.

Its motto: innovation

Devoting a significant share of its sales to research and development in recent years, Technifor has been able to adapt to industry requirements and offer innovations meeting expectations:



  Technifor innovations



Tracking a product throughout the manufacturing process, performing stock management, affixing trademarks, preventing theft and fraud, meeting international traceability standards:
Technifor offers marking solutions adapted to the needs of all industrial sectors.


What do you need from a marking system?

-    An identification guarantee as durable as the part being identified while meeting production rates
-    Focus on productivity: speed, ease and reliability
-    Preservation of the mechanical structure of the part


What does Technifor offer?

With over 30 years' experience, Technifor is an expert in permanent marking technologies:


laser technology Technifor dot peen technology Technifor scribing technology Technifor datamatrix code marking and reading

Laser :

Fibre, YVO4, Green, CO2

Dot peen:

pneumatic and electromagnetic

Scribing (or Etching)  

Marking and reading

of DataMatrix™ codes

Practically unlimited marking possibilities:

Regardless of the material, for heavy, bulky or fragile parts, on flat or convex surfaces, Technifor's marking solutions can produce characters, logos and graphics, 1D and 2D codes, for unique parts or series.

Unrivalled experience in every industrial sector - over 40 000 machines installed worldwide:

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Technifor is part of the international Gravotech group and has a successful Innovation and Technology Centre:

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